“The universe is math on fire.”
― Scott Westerfeld, Afterworlds



“Wherever there is number, there is beauty”.
— Proclus, Greek philosopher



“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics”.
— Paul R. Halmos, Hungarian-American mathematician


Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can’t do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.
— Shakuntala Devi, Indian Writer and Mental Calculator

Why do children dread mathematics? Because of the wrong approach. Because it is looked at as a subject.

— Shakuntala Devi

Wherever there is number, there is beauty.

— Proclus / Greek philosopher


Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences.

—Roger Bacon



Our math scrabble game is designed for players of all ages, 5 and up. Start with simple arithmetic games, and move to functions, algebra and trigonometry. The game blends learning with play, allowing advanced players to teach others. 

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Build as many valid equations as possible

The E-PAK is a game that can be played on PC/MAC or mobile phones (under development) or by using the actual number and symbol tiles. The game starts with a set of titles displayed on the player’s screen or provided to each player. The objective is to build as many valid equations as possible using the fixed set of tiles.

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I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to try Numberfly with my kids (ages 7-17). First of all, I was pleasantly surprised at the craftsmanship and beautiful aesthetic of the game. It is a sensory delight to work with, which is an important element for my kids – they really enjoyed the opportunity for hands-on, tactile learning. The game itself can be used at so many levels (elementary through high school and beyond!), and we enjoy challenging each other with it. It’s a great way for them to get extra practice and math enrichment in a really out of the box way. I hope that this catches on for classroom use as well, it could really change their (less than optimal) experience of math at school. Highly recommended!

- Mom of Six