Math Module

The Elementary Math Module covers basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as the use of parentheses.  


Arrange all number tiles face down in a Number Pile.

Arrange all math symbol tiles face up in a Symbol Pile.

Each player draws 10 number tiles.


Players or teams construct grids of equations using their number tiles and drawing tiles from the Symbol Pile.

Cooperate: All players construct a grid until the Number Pile is empty.

Challenge: Create puzzles and teasers to challenge your friends and students. Or assemble equations in E-PAK. Use a timer to add a competitive edge.


Equations read from left to right or top to bottom.

Limit the of tiles in one grid row to 20-25.

No multiplication by zero.

No identical equations in one grid.

Number tiles can be traded between players.


When a player’s number tiles are used, the player calls out “NUMBERFLY!” and takes 3 more number tiles from the Number Pile; remaining players take 1 more number tile, and the game continues.

Once the Number Pile is empty, the grids are graded by summing up values of all tiles in valid equations (see ratings below).