Math Module

The Advanced Math Module is designed for high school and college students learning algebra, complex numbers, trigonometry and logarithms.   

Build equation grids, solve puzzles and math teasers. Play by the suggested rules or design your own.


Arrange all number tiles face down in a Number Pile.

Arrange all math symbol tiles face up in a Symbol Pile.

Each player draws 10 number tiles.


Players or teams construct grids of equations using their number tiles and drawing math symbol tiles from the Symbol Pile.

Cooperate: All players construct a grid until the Number Pile is empty.

Challenge: Create puzzles and teasers to challenge your friends and students. Or assemble equations in E-PAK. Use a timer to add a competitive edge.


Equations read from left to right or top to bottom.

Limit the of tiles in one grid row to 20-25.

No multiplication by zero.

No identical equations in one grid.

Number tiles can be traded between players.


When a player’s number tiles are used, the player calls out “NUMBERFLY!” and takes 3 more number tiles from the Number Pile; remaining players take 1 more number tile, and the game continues.

Once the Number Pile is empty, the grids are graded by summing up values of all tiles in validequations (see ratings below).